Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ever since I finished Red Seas Under Red Skies, I've been checking the calendar every week for the release date of The Republic of Thieves. The excitement reached fever pitch mid-September but for some reason it died down once October came around and I (to my everlasting shame) completely forgot it was coming out.

I'll break out the hair shirt later, because seeing it in the bookstore today was the best kind of heart attack I've ever had! I clutched it to my chest like a literary defibrillator. "I can't believe it's finally out!" I gasped to the bookstore salesgirl, near tears. She nodded with lidded eyes, and opened her mouth to respond: "Cash or card?"

I wanted to shake her and explain that don't you get it you fool, we are finally going to see Sabetha in person, or as in person as print on a page could ever get! This is huge! We've waited ages for this! Why aren't you screaming and weeping too? Have you no sense of the import of this moment ma'am? But she seemed to be waiting for me to move on and get my crazy out of her face. I'm going to assume that people freaking out over new releases is not an uncommon sight in the bookstore.

It's a large format book, so it isn't the same size as the other two Gentleman Bastards books I already have. When the euphoria of reading Locke Lamora's last adventure wears off, Future Me cuss me out for my inability to control myself when she tackles the shelving problem. Well, that's her problem (sorry Future Me, I do love you!).

Other purchase of the day: Got Ian Kelly's Beau Brummell: The Ultimate Dandy for a song! I was waffling about the bookstore for an hour because I wasn't sure what else to get, and then I saw this book and all my doubts dissolved into glitter. Because in what universe is settling for Beau Brummell's Wikipedia page ever going to be enough?

And so the neverending saga of the To Read pile continues.


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